Iztaccihuatl volcano, Mexico-Puebla road, State of Puebla, Mexico.

El Infiernillo, Sate of Michoacán, Mexico 

Catemaco lagoon, State of Veracruz

 Oaxaca-Puebla road, Mexico

Pachuca Mexico City road, 

Playa norte, Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Suchixtepec, sierra de Oaxaca, Mexico

Selva negra, State of Chiapas, Mexico

For men and women ,  Armeria, State of Colima, Mexico
 Oaxaca-Puebla road, State of Oaxaca, Mexico 
EL Nevado de Toluca, State of Mexico

Ossau Valley, Pyrenees Atlantiques, France

Ossau Valley, Pyrenees Atlantiques, France

Nay, Pyrénées Atlantiques France

Landes country, Aquitaine. France
Pictures are copyrighted ©Francois Delaporte L.

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