Catemaco Lagoon, State of Veractuz, Mexico 1975
Clouds store, Texcoco, State of Mexico 2014
State of Hidalgo, Mexico 1973
Water of life,  State of Mexico, 1964
Mazatlan, State of Sinaloa, Mexico 2013
Turism, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico 1965
Angahuan, State of Michoacán, Mexico 1965
Tangamandapio, State of Michoacán, Mexico 1990
Chinampero, Xochimilco, Mexico D. F 1999
Candelaria,  Xochimilco Mexico D. F 2002
Hacienda henequenera, State of Yucatan 1966
Campeche, Mexico 1970, 
Chichen-Itza, State of Yucatan, Mexico 1965
All pictures are copyrighted ©francoisdelaporte

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